About IDR

Pioneering the future of investor onboarding.

Our single access token makes the private markets investment journey faster, easier and more cost effective.

Investors benefit from a single, universally compliant authentication across their private markets portfolios.

Fund managers can raise bigger funds faster with access to a wider pool of pre-approved investors.

Our Vision

IDR’s vision is to be the trusted hub of the private markets.

We do this by connecting the entire private markets ecosystem through a standardised investment journey, making the experience faster, easier and universally accessible.

  • IDR

    We connect over 40,000 investors across over 5,600 funds with 300 managers, all in 1 hub.

  • IDR

    Our clients collectively manage $3.5T of assets, a material proportion of the private markets.

  • IDR

    Over 50% of private markets investors globally are already on our hub.

Why IDR?

One hub, one approval, one team

IDR provides an industry neutral investor onboarding clearinghouse for the private markets.


Once approved, investors can share their single access token, quickly and securely with fund managers around the globe.

Making investing faster and repeat investing hassle free.

Our Values

We have been steadfast in our values from October 2015.

  • Challenge,

    the norm

  • Change,

    the way you think

  • Connect

    systems and people

  • Commit,

    to best practice

“We encourage creativity and innovation, and pride ourselves on high levels of customer service. Every employee is instrumental in shaping our business and developing our services to ensure we are delivering a first class experience for our international fund managers.”

Tim Andrews

Our People

We’re one #IDRTeam, united by a common global thread – our shared belief in creating a simpler, more accessible private markets investment experience through connecting fund managers and investors via our trusted hub.