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Waystone partners with The ID Register to offer Cayman AML/KYC solution

Tue, 07 Sep, 2021

Waystone has partnered with The ID Register to offer Cayman Islands funds, together with their investors, an efficient and investor-friendly AML/KYC and onboarding hub.

In today’s environment, AML compliance is a priority focus area for regulators, governmental bodies and other industry stakeholders, and ensuring AML compliance is crucial for operators of Cayman fund structures. Investment managers that have historically handled investor AML/KYC for their Cayman funds in-house are now increasingly looking for a professional, reliable outsourced solution.

The ID Register is the trusted onboarding hub for private markets. It pre-approves investors for KYC, providing a ‘passport’ across their portfolio, upon which managers and service providers can depend. Supporting all investors from sovereign wealth funds to individuals, The ID Register team offers white-glove assistance, review and approval in full compliance with the Cayman AML Regulations. The ID Register’s regulated digital hub provides an efficient and investor-friendly solution, eliminating repetitive, intrusive and costly onboarding processes, and services over 25,000 investors and 270 clients world-wide.

Waystone, born from the merger between MontLake, DMS Governance and MDO, offers over 20 years’ experience in the governance, risk and compliance space. Waystone’s AML Compliance Officers and Money Laundering Reporting Officers fulfil their regulatory responsibilities and can now do so at even greater scale and efficiency through The ID Register’s enterprise-level digital process.

Waystone has a dedicated team of AML officers from diverse backgrounds within the funds industry, each with deep experience, strong technical knowledge, and relevant AML qualifications. Waystone’s AML officers provide guidance to Cayman funds to help ensure AML compliance is maintained to the highest of standards and in accordance with the Cayman AML Regulations and can now do so at even greater scale and efficiency through The ID Register’s enterprise-level digital process.

Together, Waystone and The ID Register now provide the obvious single sign-off AML/KYC hub for all participants in Cayman fund structures.

For further information please contact Tim Andrews of The ID Register or James Kattan of Waystone via the alliance website  and


  1. About The ID Register: Regulated in Guernsey, The ID Register is a compelling and efficient solution to the longstanding problems of analogue onboarding. As the trusted independent hub of the global investment community, The ID Register already offers investors streamlined subscription, KYC and FATCA-CRS services to the highest global standards and is trusted by over 25,000 investors and 270 clients as the onboarding authority across the global investment community.


  1. About Waystone: Waystone leads the way in specialist services for the asset management industry. Partnering institutional investors, investment funds and asset managers, Waystone builds, supports and protects investment structures and strategies worldwide. With over 20 years’ experience and a comprehensive range of specialist services to its name, Waystone is now serving assets under management in excess of $1Tn.



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